Intersection of Technology and Design

We are entering a new era of working: the workforce and the workspace have evolved significantly in recent years. Traditional employment and workplace models are being replaced with next generation design concepts and technology in order to foster higher levels of engagement, collaboration and creativity.

In a world of constant change, Corporate Real Estate leaders are challenged to deliver an office space that meets the demands of today’s diverse workforce and rapidly evolving technology. By incorporating cutting edge design elements, technologies and enriching corporate culture these leaders have the ability to develop an agile workspace prepared for our unpredictable world.

Modern Corporate Real Estate strategies can have significant impacts on employers’ operations. Unassigned seating, increasing mobility, and even shared & collaborative workspaces will allow your company to remain competitive to top talent prospects, and even improve employee retention. With 87% of organizations citing culture and engagement as one of their most critical challenges, CRE leaders are quickly integrating these cutting edge workspace elements to align corporate and cultural goals.

Corporate Real Estate experts have the ability to be a catalyst for change, encourage innovation and improve employee morale with the right tools and real estate strategy. Join us in Los Angeles at the Future Offices West Coast Summit to collaborate with your fellow workspace innovators and whose day-to-day focus is on reinventing and reimagining office design and discuss the solutions and strategies that will enable you to design a space that is both agile and meaningful to employees.

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Why this is a CAN'T MISS event for 2016!

Discussions on the strategies and solutions that will allow your team to enable new ways of working.

Comprehensive sessions focusing on the next generation of Workplace Design from design to technology

Identify critical ways to improve your Corporate Real Estate strategy, regardless of your current stage in implementation

Review the latest design tools and methodologies for your future workspaces that will foster collaboration & innovation amongst your

Support the implementation of new technology to enable greater employee engagement & collaboration

Remain competitive! Understand how integrating elements of the next generation workspace will improve your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent

Discuss how to build the business case for innovative workplace design strategy in order to align C-Suite strategy to CRE strategy

Align workplace design to corporate culture in order to foster higher levels of employee engagement

Creating world class collaboration environments

Elevating the role of change management in workplace transformation

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